Hot dishes

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  • Fish cutlets

    Minced salmon, minced meat, dried tomatoes

    400г. 800 p.
  • Pork in French

    Pork loin, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, pepper

    320г. 650 p.
  • Rib of lamb with vegetables

    Potatoes, peppers, eggplant, brisket, salt

    380г. 780 p.
  • Neck in apple sauce

    Loin, apples, pepper, honey

    310г. 740 p.
  • Veal with vegetables

    Mushrooms, beans, cabbage, pepper, rukkola, beef

    330г. 700 p.
  • “Sandzak”

    Chicken fillet, chicken liver, onion, tomatoes, chinese cabbage

    300г. 410 p.
  • Meat in Turkish

    320г. 610 p.
  • "Fun of the Knight"

    Salmon, salt, pepper, tomatoes, eggplant, onion

    300г. 760 p.
  • Venison with Italian herbs

    Deer, onion, cucumber, pepper, rice, spices

    320г. 880 p.

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