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  • Appetizers "For vodka"

    Tomatoes, lard, cucumbers, dill, cabbage, mushrooms, potato balls

    420г. 470 p.
  • Assorted fish

    Keta, salmon, squid, shrimp, greens

    280г. 800 p.
  • Ugly milk-cap salted

    Mushrooms, sour cream

    230г. 380 p.
  • Seafood

    Mussels, shrimps, olives

    300г. 510 p.
  • Appetizer from Chef

    Cream cheese, lavash, cucumber, salmon, caviar, tiger shrimps

    520г. 920 p.
  • Canape from salmon

    Salmon, loaf, curd cheese, olives, walnuts

    270г. 600 p.
  • Canape from the tongue

    Boiled tongue, curd cheese, fresh cucumbers, pomegranate

    200г. 460 p.
  • Snack of the Knight

    Baton, salmon, dill

    360г. 995 p.
  • Meat palette

    Pork carbonate, beef tongue, chicken and mutton rolls, smoked beef

    250г. 450 p.
  • Vegetable plate

    Bulgarian paprika, tomato, cucumber, radish

    290г. 330 p.
  • Spicy eggplants

    Eggplant, cheese sauce, mayonnaise, greens, walnuts, lemon

    250г. 350 p.
  • Salted Herring

    Herring fillets, pickled cucumbers, olives

    200г. 300 p.
  • Cheese plate

    Camembert, tilsiter, suluguni, parmesan, honey, grapes, walnut

    300г. 600 p.
  • Fritto Misto

    Shrimp, squid, egg

    160г./70г. 500 p.

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